Why Choose Elysium Pool?

· We love Chia, our devs have also spent a lot of time patching up Chia pool reference code and are still working to improve it.

· Our Dev team is the 3rd largest contributor to patching pool reference code (As of 7/8)

· Our referral systems guarantee lower fees and you earn 5% more from people referred.

· We have open sourced everything we could, we believe in Chia as an opensource project.

· Elysuim pool runs on a 170,000kwh solar array


· Simple fee 1%

· If you have referred a friend/person, your fees for the pool will be 0.95% instead of 1% (5% commission off the 1% fees). (You also collect 0.05% from that referred person each time they win)

· If you opt out of the referral signup, your fees is the standard 1%. The referral system is designed for people that wanted to make their own mini pool within the pool.

How You are Protected

· We are heavily invested in Chia and have spent a lot of time identifying as many attack vectors one pool could encounter and placed safe guards to shield the pool.

· Our pool databases are backed up off site daily for quick restoration

In Development

· Advanced Pool Dashboard

· Stats Page Redesign (With Mobile App)

· Pool Code Updates & Fixes